Angled Keystone Jack Patch Panel Frames – Unloaded


  • Compatible with Excel Cat 6 & Cat 6A Jacks
  • Increased Cabinet Utilisation
  • Superior rear cable management
  • Option to part or fully load
  • Supports Unscreened & Screened – Cat 6 & Cat 6A
  • Accepts Excel Angled Toolless Keystone Jacks
  • Two rows of jacks distributes the patch cords
  • Increased cabinet density – no cable managers required
  • Uniform cable termination – added flexibility of cable entry
  • 24 Port modular design ideal for standard and preterminated installations
  • Choice of colour – Black & Chrome finish

Product Overview
The angled keystone jack patch panel frame is available to support a range of Screened and Unscreened jacks. It uses the innovative Excel Angled Toolless Keystone Jack range available in Category 6 & 6A variants to deliver solution options. The same angled jacks are mounted 12 pointing left and 12 pointing right to give a total of 24 ports in a 1U patch panel with a centre parting of the patch cords. The angled jack directs the cable to one side which reduces the bend on the patch cable. This in turn reduces the space required between the front of the patch panel and the cabinet doors. The angled nose piece of the jack achieves this while maintaining a conventional flat panel format. Directing the patch cords to the side allows them to be managed directly into the cabinet or frame’s containment. This reduces bending of the patch cord and offers the option to exclude horizontal cable management bars, freeing up valuable cabinet mounting positions. Keeping the patch panel front flat maintains the aesthetics of the entire cabinet installation by matching the look of conventional panes and equipment.

The patch panel, combined with the Angled Toolless Keystone Jacks, maintains cable entry perpendicular to the rear of the panel via the integrated cable manager. This allows the cable management at the rear of the panel to be installed in a way to suit numerous methods – 24 Left or 24 Right or a mix of left and right. It also means part filled panels can easily be added to.

Chrome finish patch panel comes complete with earth bonding kit and is suitable for installation of screened and unscreened jacks. The Black finish patch panel is suitable for the unscreened range of jacks only. Both patch panels are supplied complete with cable ties and cabinet fitting fit (cage nuts and screws).

Name Description
100-023 24 port angled unloaded 1U black UTP keystone frame
100-024 24 port angled unloaded 1U chrome FTP keystone frame

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