Category 5e Unscreened RJ45 Modules – 3 in 1


The Excel 3 in 1 module offers the ultimate in flexibility, space utilisation and ease of installation. The totally modular design allows the mounting of up to 3 shuttered RJ45 ports in a standard flat or bevelled single gang faceplate, or up to 6 in a double gang facia.

The unique design means that you only load shuttered outlets as required, any capacity within the plate which is required for a later date is simply blanked off, providing a neat and easy to use completed installation. Individual port labelling is also quick and easy with standard Excel outlet slide in fields incorporated into the design.

  • High density design
  • Individual snap in modules
  • Fit standard Excel faceplates
  • Individual port slide labelling system
  • Module dimensions 16.65 x 50.00mm
  • LSA compatible IDC
  • Lifetime product warranty
  • 25 year system warranty available

Name Description
100-405 Category 5e Unscreened UTP Module, Single Shuttered RJ45
100-407 Full Width Blank (equal to width of module)
100-409 Half Width Blank (equal to half width of module)
100-411 Category 5e Unscreened UTP Module, 3 in 1 (3 modules in a single gang bevelled plate)

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