Clauss No Nik Buffer Strippers

  • eosgsadm
  • 09/01/2012


A range of cable cutting and preperation tools are available to suit a wide range of copper and fibre cables. These come competitively priced and of a high quality.

  • Industry standard tools for removing secondary and primary buffers from fibres
  • Range of sizes with cutting diameter 102ym to 1.37mm
  • Plastic heads support the fibre on both sides of the blades
  • Strips fibre without cuts, scratches or niks

Name Description
202-074 Clauss No Nik Buffer Strippers, Light Blue 254um
202-072 Clauss No Nik Buffer Strippers, Gold 152um
202-076 Clauss No Nik Buffer Strippers, Dark Green 356um