Dual Category 6 Screened (F/UTP) Cable


Excel Dual Category 6 F/UTP – foil screened – cables are manufactured and tested to the TIA/EIA 568-B.2-1, EN50173-1 and ISO/IEC 11801 Category 6 specifications. Each cable “leg” consists of 8 colour coded 23AWG polyethylene insulated conductors. These are twisted together to form 4 pairs with varying lay lengths. These pairs are then formed around a central “X” shaped polyethylene filler. This filler assists in maintaining and enhancing the cables performance. A clear Mylar tape is then wrapped around this unit and a foil tape screen with 24AWG drain wire applied. The foil screen provides protection from emissions (E.M.I.) which can occur when data is transmitted at high frequencies. A low smoke zero halogen outer sheath is then applied.
Two of these 4 pair units are then extruded together to form a dual “figure of 8” finished cable. A small web of LSOH compound joins the two 4 pair units together and provides a quick and easy method of separating the cables for termination.
The printing detail along the outer sheath of one of the cable legs includes the cable part code, specification detail and our new metre marked system. As the cable is dispensed from the drum the sequential marking counts down, as well as reducing waste and accounting easily for cables installed, this innovative print legend finally removes the guesswork from assessing the amount of cable remaining on partly used drums.

Name Description
100-077/LTGN Dual Category 6 Cable LSOH, Light Green 500m reel
100-077/LTGN-400 Dual Category 6 Cable LSOH, Light Green 400m reel
100-077/LTGN-250 Dual Category 6 Cable LSOH, Light Green 250m reel
EXC100-074/LTGREEN Dual Category 6 Cable LSOH, 500 metre drum

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