External Grade Cable – CW1128

  • eosgsadm
  • 09/01/2012

ext_cw1128The following range of cables are made up from conductors of solid plain copper insulated with cellular (foamed) polyethylene. These conductors are twisted into pairs and the required number of pairs are laid up into units which are identified by coloured tapes. The cables are petroleum jelly filled and sheathed in black polyethylene, and are manufactured in accordance with BT type CW 1128.

Name Description
TCJF5005PB 5 Pair 1/0.50mm CW1128
TCJF5005PB-100 5 Pair 1/0.50mm CW1128 (100m reel)
TCJF5010PB 10 Pair 1/0.50mm CW1128
TCJF5020PB 20 Pair 1/0.50mm CW1128
TCJF5050PB 50 Pair 1/0.50mm CW1128
TCJF5100PB 100 Pair 1/0.50mm CW1128
TCJF9005PB 5 Pair 1/0.90mm CW1128