Prysmian Sirocco Accessories

  • eosgsadm
  • 09/01/2012

prysm_sirocco_access5mm Gas Block Connector
XAGSC00404 or XBFSC00077

Used to prevent gas migrating along the Sirocco tube and entering a customers premises. The connector is used with customer premises plant and provides the interface between external and internal Sirocco tubing. The device allows fibre to be ‘blown through’ into the customer premises. A sealing device is then activated externally to provide a seal between the fibre unit and the tube.

XAGSC00404 should only be used in conjunction with 2 & 4f units and when the seals are installed within 10 mts from the ends of the route.

XBFSC00077 is a combined Gas/water block.

5MM Tube End Stop
XAGSC00526 or XBFSC00076

Used for terminating unused Sirocco tubing within external plant. The end caps will prevent water, solid material (mud, sand and dirt) or gas from entering the tubes. It is important that unused tubes are closed-off in this manner so that there is no potential for blockages when fibre installation occurs.

Close Down Assembly 3A

When using the Centre Blowing Installation process this is used to connect the two 5mm tubes thus ensuring that there is a continuous single tube over the entire route. Can be used in external plant and with internal Sirocco tubing in customer premises plant.

Usage – 1 per tube connection. Pack of 10.

Name Description
XAGSC00404 Sirocco Gas Seal Connector 5mm-5mm Pack of 10
XBFSC00041 Sirocco Close Down Assembly – CDA- 3A
XBFSC00076 Sirocco Tube End Caps E Pack of 10
XBFSC00077 Sirocco Gas Seal Connector 5mm-5mm
XKTSC00272 Sirocco TDC Silicone Sealant – 310ml Cartridge