Prysmian Sirocco Blown Fibre Manifold

  • eosgsadm
  • 09/01/2012


The Blown Fibre Manifold can be used on a variety of Prysmian rack mounted products including the SRS3000 sub-rack system and the PSP splice and patch shelf. The manifold provides the ability to enter onto a shelf with up to six blown fibre tubes. The manifold clips into place on the back of the shelves and is supplied with a cover to protect the fibres.


  • Enables up to six blown fibre tubes to be installed onto a splice and patch shelf
  • Clips onto the back of the shelf without the need for screws or fasteners
  • Cover can be fitted to protect the fibres and tube inside the manifold
  • Manufactured from fire resistant UL94-V0 material
Name Description
XKTSC00257 Sirocco Blown Fibre Manifold