Prysmian Sirocco Blown Fibre Units (EPFU)

  • eosgsadm
  • 09/01/2012

prysm_sirocco_bl_fib_epfuUtilising its core competencies in the manufacturing and cabling of optical fibre, Prysmian produces optical fibre units EPFU (Enhanced Performance Fibre Units) specifically engineered for Blown Fibre applications. The fibres are contained within a soft inner acrylate layer which cushions the fibres, an outer harder layer which protects the fibre from damage and a low friction layer that assists in improving blowing distance, which is typically 1000 meter’s at 10 Bar.

Sirocco units can be supplied in a range of fibre types including SingleMode G.652.B, Low water peak MagniLight™ G.652.D, CasaLight™ G.657.A, CasaLight Plus™ G.657.B, Multimode 62.5/125 OM1 and 50/125 OM2, OM3 and OM3E (enhanced).The resin is colour coded to indicate the fibre within (singlemode yellow, 50/125 turquoise and 62.5/125 red) except for the 12 fibre unit which has an alternative grey low friction coating.

Name Description
EPFU_SM4F_2000 4F OS2 Singlemode 2000M PANS
EPFU_SM8F_2000 8F OS2 Singlemode 2000M PANS
EPFU_SM12F_2000 12F OS2 Singlemode 2000M PANS
EPFU_OM3_4F_2000 4F OM3 Multimode 2000M PANS
EPFU_OM3_8F_2000 8F OM3 Multimode 2000M PANS
EPFU_OM3_12F_2000 12F OM3 Multimode 2000M PANS