Prysmian Sirocco Blown Tube Patch Shelf

  • eosgsadm
  • 09/01/2012


The 19″ Blown Tube Patch Shelf provides a solution for connecting up to 48 blown fibre tubes of 5mm in diameter. The shelf is 3U in height and can be mounted into a 19″ rack or street-side cabinet. The connectors inside the shelf are gas block connectors which means the shelf is ideal for connecting external tubes to internal tubes. The unit is supplied with the 48 gas block connectors mounted into the steelwork and the fixings required to install it into a rack or street-side cabinet.

  • Provides suitable management for 5mm blown fibre tubes.
  • Up to 48 gas block connectors can be accommodated.
  • Compatible with 19″ rack practice (3U) for direct mounting.
Name Description
XBFSC00295 Sirocco Tube Patch Unit 3U High c/w 48 Connectors