Prysmian Sirocco Customer Lead In Unit – Large

  • eosgsadm
  • 09/01/2012


The Customer Lead In – Large enables external cable to be passed through the building fabric from an outside wall and is typically used in business premises. The Customer Lead In comprises of two separate units mounted either side of the wall. This product can be used with Sirocco® Blown Fibre tubing or conventional optical cable

  • Up to 24 x 5mm blown fibre cable tubes can be accommodated.
  • Internal and external mounted units typically used in large business premises.
  • Conventional cables of up to 30mm diameter can be accommodated.
  • Removable cover for easy access.
  • External unit manufactured from UV resistant material. Internal unit manufactured from fire resistant material to UL94-V0.
  • Kit supplied with all components necessary to feed external cable elements into the customer premises from an external wall face.
  • The external unit can be sealed using a quick set resin. This ensures the external cable interstices are sealed against the ingress of water or gas into the customer premises.
  • All cable elements are positively managed to 50mm minimum bend radius.
  • Internal unit interfaces with Sirocco® Blown Fibre Gas Seal Unit

Sealing Resin
Used to provide a water and gas block at the external CLI. The resin pack fits into a standard single tube sealant gun (not supplied). One pack contains sufficient resin to seal 2 CLI’s, and is supplied with 2 application nozzles. The resin is re-usable such that the units can be sealed on different days.

A 0.5 metre length of 40mm diameter conduit that can be used to further protect the cable elements as they are passed through the wall

Name Description
XBFSC00151 Sirocco Customer Lead In – Large Blown Tube Cable24
XCPSC00671 Sirocco Conduit 40mm Diameter x 0.5m Length
XKTSC00094 Sirocco Sealing Resin