Prysmian Sirocco Internal Tube Assembles (LSOH)

  • eosgsadm
  • 09/01/2012


Assemblies of LFH tubes, each with low friction performance for fibre blowing. The tube bundle is surrounded with a sheath of Natural LFH material, giving excellent performance in a fire scenario:

  • a) Low flammability
  • b) Low smoke
  • c) Low acid/fume
  • d) Halogen-free.

The lightweight, metal-free, flexible tube assembly is intended for indoor installation, and may be pulled into suitable indoor ducts using low tensions. It is not for direct burial or aerial use.


Name Description
5500531 LFH Blown Fibre Tube – 1 way – 5mm
5500533 LFH Blown Fibre Tube – 4 way – 5mm
5500534 LFH Blown Fibre Tube – 7 way – 5mm