RJ45 – LJU Telephone Adaptors – Couplers

  • eosgsadm
  • 09/01/2012


Excel telephone couplers provide the conversion between RJ45 and LJU by the use of an RJ45 and LJU socket. Installation is completed by the use of a standard RJ45 patch lead, connected from the wall outlet to the coupler and the telephone or modem is then connected to the LJU socket. Ideal for installations where the apparatus which needs to be connected to the cabling system, is situated some distance from the RJ45 socket.

  • Choice of tailed or direct connect
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Individually bagged

Name Description
100-650 Coupler RJ45 Socket – LJU Socket, Secondary Adaptor
100-652 Coupler RJ45 Socket – LJU Socket, PSTN Mastered Adaptor
100-654 Coupler RJ45 Socket – LJU Socket, PABX Mastered Adaptor