Blanking Plates and Letterbox Panels

Product Overview

To improve cabinet appearance Blank Plates can be installed to cover unused space. Letterbox Panels allow patch cords to be fed to or from the rear of the cabinet.

  • Enhances cabinet appearance

  • Product Sheet
Name Description
100-595 1U Double Brush Strip – Middle Split Black
100-596 1U Blank Plate Beige
100-598 1U Blanking Plate – Black
100-599 1U Brush Strip Letterbox Panel – Black
100-600 2U Blanking Plate – Beige
100-602 2U Blanking Plate – Black
100-606 3U Blanking Plate – Black
100-610 1U Letterbox Panel – Black

Technical Data

  • 0mm
  • 0mm

Technical Details

  • 0mm