Category 5e Unscreened RJ45 Plastic Faceplates – Loaded

Product Overview

Excel Pre Loaded Single Gang Faceplates consist of either one or two of part numbers 100-700 and Excel bevelled faceplate, with blanks where appropriate. Supplied in a sealed bag these plates save time and money by reducing on site installation and assembly time.

  • Category 5e Compliant
  • Fits 27mm back box when used with bevelled faceplate
  • Built in slide label system
  • Lifetime product warranty
  • 25 year system warranty
  • Product Sheet
Name Description
100-702 Category 5e Unscreened (UTP) Module – Euromod, RJ45 (including Bevelled Plate and Blanks)
100-704 Dual Category 5e Unscreened (UTP) Module – Euromod, RJ45, White (inclufing Bevelled Plate)

Technical Data

  • 0mm
  • 0mm

Technical Details

  • 0mm