Category 6 Unscreened Angled Keystone Jack – Toolless

Product Overview

The Excel Category 6 Unscreened Twisted Pair (UTP) angled Keystone Jack, is an independently verified toolless termination RJ45 socket suitable for mounting patch panels. The angled design of the socket face makes this product ideal for high density frames. Traditional horizontal patch cable management bars can be removed or reduced in number as the leads follow a natural route to the left or right of the panel and the cabinet’s vertical management. To the rear of the socket the design is exactly the same as the Excel keystone range, enabling standard termination and cable dressing practices to be followed. The socket itself is housed in a high quality ABS plastic housing, which opens at the rear in a butterfly manner to reveal the IDC termination points. Once the conductors of the cable to be terminated are fed into a wire cap the process is completed by snapping the ‘butterfly wings’ together with minimal, but firm pressure.

  • Category 6 compliant
  • Forms Angled Cat 6 Patch Panel when used with part number 100-023
  • Two piece, easy to use design
  • Toolless termination design
  • Suitable for patch panel mounting
  • 25 year system warranty
  • Ideal for high density cabling installations


Please note that this Excel keystone jack is only to be used with RJ45 FCC compliant plugs. It is designed for use with 8 pin RJ45 plugs which comply with the IEC 60603-7 standard. They are not designed for use with RJ11 plugs or LJ6 plugs.

Use of plugs which are not compliant with the IEC 60603-7 standard for RJ45 connectors may result in physical damage to the pins inside the keystone jack.

When testing, Excel recommends Fluke DTX1800 with PLA002 test adaptor. Please ensure that the test head connector being used is not damaged and that the number of circuits tested with this test head has not exceeded the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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Name Description
100-213 Category 6 UTP Butterfly Style Toolless Angled Jack – Black

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