Excel Plus Category 5e Unscreened Keystone Jack Outlet – Toolless

Product Overview

The Excel toolless jack is one of the simplest methods of providing a high level of repeatable quality of fast termination. Suitable for both traditional and pre-terminated installations, each jack has a standard RJ45 keystone jack footprint and is suitable for mounting in the Excel shutters, faceplates and patch panel frames detailed in this catalogue.

Termination is a quick and simple two stage process, prepare and position the pairs from each cable within the colour coded termination cap, once in place the termination cap is snapped onto the IDC block providing a high quality termination first time, every time without the need for separate tooling.

  • Category 5e ISO11801 compliant
  • Standard RJ45 footprint
  • Fast, easy, reliable termination
  • Clear IDC termination colour coding
  • Choice of colour to suit faceplate and patch panel mounting
  • Lifetime Product Warranty
  • 25 year system warranty available


Please note that this Excel keystone jack is only to be used with RJ45 FCC compliant plugs. It is designed for use with 8 pin RJ45 plugs which comply with the IEC 60603-7 standard. They are not designed for use with RJ11 plugs or LJ6 plugs.Use of plugs which are not compliant with the IEC 60603-7 standard for RJ45 connectors may result in physical damage to the pins inside the keystone jack.When testing, Excel recommends Fluke DTX1800 with PLA002 test adaptor. Please ensure that the test head connector being used is not damaged and that the number of circuits tested with this test head has not exceeded the manufacturer’s recommendations.
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Name Description
100-203 Category 5e Unscreened Butterfly Style Toolless Keystone Jack – White
100-204 Category 5e Unscreened Butterfly Style Toolless Keystone Jack – Black

Technical Data

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Technical Details

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