Split-R 4-port

Product Overview

The SPLIT-R 100-824 consists of 2 units, the cab box and the desk box. The cab box enables the connection of 4 standard time break recall telephones, and certain digital handsets (please call our sales desk to advise you), to one standard RJ45 CAT5 outlet using standard RJ45 patch leads. The desk box has a self adhesive pad to secure it into desk management and is small enough to fit into a floor box.

  • No need for RJ45 to telephone master adaptors, unlike similarproducts, the SPLIT-R is unique as the desk box has them built in.
  • Each voice port is presented as a standard LJU socket to enable the direct connection of telephones, modems or fax’s.
  • Supplied either as a pair ready for instant installation in cabinet andwork area locations, or individually
  • Product Sheet
Name Description
100-814 Split-R 4 RJ45 Voice Ports
100-816 Split-R 4 LJU Voice Ports
100-824 Split-R Pair – 4 RJ45 Voice Ports + 4 LJU Voice Ports

Technical Data

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Technical Details

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