Terminal Strips – 237A

Product Overview

Terminal Strips are used to join Multipair Telecom and Data Cables. They can be mounted in either 19″ Sub Racks, in various sized Box Connections or Frames. Designation Strips are used to identify individual connections or strips. The 5BSurge Protector snaps in to either 237A or 237B Strips and accepts up to 10 Surge Arrestors.

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Name Description
5B Protector Mount, 10 Way
8A-1 Jelly Crimps – Gel Filled Connector (Box 500pcs)
51A Designation Strip
237A 10 Pair Terminal/Disconnection Strip
21A Surge Arrestor 260v 5A/5KA (pack 10 pcs)

Technical Data

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Technical Details

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