DynaScan Technology, Inc. has been providing digital signage solutions around the world for over ten years. With strong engineering background and extensive experience in the audio/video industry, Dynascan have been helping its clients worldwide in retail, transportation, gaming, entertainment, rental, staging, and public venues to enhance advertising, branding, entertainment, and communication. DynaScan offers digital signage products in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Founded in 1998, DynaScan operates from offices in the United States, Taiwan, China and the Netherlands. DynaScan’s main shareholder is Chroma ATE, a global leader in electronic test and measurement systems. Headquartered in Taiwan, Chroma was founded in 1984 and is traded on the Taipei Stock Exchange under the symbol 2360.

DynaScan Technology, Inc. holds numerous patents and manufactures the DynaScan 360° cylindrical LED Video Display. Dynascan’s displays, which have received numerous awards and recognition for their innovation, have been installed in locations around the world for use in advertising, public information, events and entertainment. The cylindrical signage offers high levels of resolution, brightness and contrast for high-impact dynamic digital signage.