Unloaded Keystone Jack Modular Patch Panel, 0.5U

ul_ksj_mod_ppanel_05uThe Excel 24 Port 0.5U Keystone Patch Panel delivers a high density offering with the benefit of a single row of keystone jacks. The single row of jacks means that the installation is straight forward and allows an individual jack to be removed if required. As the panel is only 0.5U in height it allows, by using two panels together, the ability to present 48 keystone jacks in 1U of rack space. Using two 0.5U panels ensures that the jacks are all aligned the correct way up. Most 48 Port 1U panels require the bottom row of jacks to be mounted upside down.

Name Description
100-041 24-port Keystone Patch Panel Frame, 0.5U

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