Evans’ consoles are unparalleled in the control room industry when it comes to innovative designs, ergonomic considerations and overall quality and durability.

All Evans console solutions are custom designed to suit your unique requirements, using nothing but the highest quality materials. Evans factory is ISO 9001 certified and all projects are staged prior to shipment, ensuring that nothing but the absolute best reaches your facility.

Control Room – Strategy™

Evans’ Strategy™ console has been specifically designed for technology-intensive control room environments such as telecommunication and transportation centers, process control and anywhere where an open desktop solution is preferred.

It provides flexible and comfortable workspaces that allow its users to focus on critical decision-making.

Control Room – Identity™

Limited only by your imagination, Evans’ Identity™ is our most flexible console platform design and sets the industry standard for ergonomic performance and appearance.

Extremely customizable, the Identity™ console displays a virtually unlimited series of options from fully enclosed to fully open, flat panel depth to full CRT depth, a complete array of finishes and work surface materials, adjustable work surfaces to static surfaces and all options in between.

Control Room – Response™

The ultimate solution for the 24/7 command and control room operation, the Response™ console provides a unique ergonomic approach for this demanding environment.

The Evans Response™ Sit-Stand approach to solving the ergonomic challenges of the control room is simple: allow the environment to respond to the needs of the user.

Vertical Solutions – CounterSMART

CounterSMART is a versatile counter solution based on a steel frame structure and takes into consideration ergonomics, equipment integration, cable management, and more. With CounterSMART you can reconfigure, relocate and easily repair your counters at any time.

Based on a modular steel frame structure and custom designed around your specific needs, this elegant solution truly is the only counter system you will ever need.

Vertical Solutions – Alaris ATC – Air Traffic Control Consoles

Alaris™ is designed specifically for mission critical operations such as in Air Traffic Control. The steel structure of the Alaris™ console provides the durability required for a 24/7, high stress operation.

Its innovative design, unbelievable flexibility and unique range of ATC and other mission critical specific features surpass the Air Traffic Control community‹s highest expectations.

Designed in partnership with Evans‹ in-house engineering team and industry experts, the Alaris™ console carefully considers the sightlines, reach distance, and equipment placement to improve controller comfort and flexibility, ensuring the integrity of the controller tasks. The and desktop design are configured to accommodate technological and operational changes, and can be removed or interchanged between modules as the need arises.

Vertical Solutions – Trading Desks

Evans’ Trading Desk has been specifically designed for technology-intensive financial trading room environments.

By providing a flexible, comfortable and functional workspace, it allows your traders to focus on critical decision-making in an environment where lack of focus costs money.

The user-friendly ergonomic design of the Trading Desk is aimed to help improve workplace effectiveness through a number of innovative options and features combined with a durable structure and aesthetic flexibility. With an efficient and versatile cable-management system that is designed to accommodate technological upgrades, this desktop solution can be easily relocated or reconfigured to suit your changing needs.

Peripherals – Technology Table

Evans’ Technology Tables have been specifically designed to integrate modern technology into a boardroom style meeting table that can be turned into a command center with the touch of a button.

Reveal monitors, keyboards, projectors, phones, podia, and more with the touch of a button. Integrated data and power ports slide open from hidden pockets to interface with laptops and peripherals. We work with Audio Video dealers to ensure the strictest of tolerances are met. Each table is a unique job tailored your requirements.

Peripherals – E-Chair (Office Chair)

The E-Chair is designed to provide an ergonomically correct, durable, seating solution for the control room environment.

  • Ten-gauge all steel frame
  • Dymetrol Suspension cushions torso with optimal tension, prevents spine compression
  • Infinitely adjustable air lumbar pump up support
  • Knee Tilt Control and Waterfall from eliminate vertical knee strain while tilting
  • Adjustable arm rests
  • Heavy-Duty Dual Wheel Casters
  • GSA Approved

Peripherals – PDS

The UL certified PDS is a modular, integrated power distribution system that is pre-wired and pre-configured at the plant. Simply wire the main power and the console is ready to provide power to every device you need to support.

The PDS provides an easy “plug and play” connection that adds cable management and versatility.