Voice Modules


The Euro and 6c style voice outlets have the standard Excel slide label system and an LJU right polarised socket as standard. The Euro style fits the standard Excel faceplates whereby the 6c modules can be used in most floor plates or the new Excel wall mount 6c faceplates. A left hand polarised version is available for applications requiring this design.

  • Euro style 50x25mm overall dimensions
  • 6c style 37x22mm overall dimensions
  • Fit standard Excel faceplates
  • Choice of specification
  • LJU socket
  • Slide label system
  • Lifetime product warranty

Name Description
100-789 PABX Voice Module, 6c style
100-796 PSTN Voice Module, Euro style, Left Hand polarised
100-781 Secondary Voice Module, Euro style
100-783 PABX Voice Module, Euro style
100-785 PSTN Voice Module, Euro style
100-787 Secondary Voice Module, 6c style